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The securities of a corporation that are issued upon a conversion of other securities or in exchange for other securities are securities that are considered to be part of the original distribution to the public if any of those others were part of a distribution to the public.where any class of shares may be issued in series, the authority given to the directors to fix the number of shares in, and to determine the designation of, and the rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions attaching to, the shares of each series; (1) Where the articles or a unanimous shareholder agreement require a greater number of votes of directors or shareholders than that required by this Act to effect an action, the provisions of the articles or of the unanimous shareholder agreement prevail.

(1) Where a corporation has had its name revoked and a name assigned to it under section 24, the registrar shall issue a certificate of amendment showing the new name of the corporation and shall immediately give notice of the change of name in the Gazette.When a body corporate is continued under this Act, a share with nominal or par value issued by the body corporate before it was continued is, for the purpose of subsection (1), considered to be a share without nominal or par value.Subject to the articles, the by-laws, a unanimous shareholder agreement and section 55, shares may be issued at the times and to the persons and for the consideration that the directors may determine.(1) Notwithstanding sections 21 and 22, a corporation that is continued under this Act is entitled to be continued with the name it had before that continuance unless that name is identical with or confusingly similar to the name of an existing body corporate.Where a corporation described in subsection (1) has a designating number as its name, the registrar may direct the corporation to change its name to a name other than a designating number in accordance with section 279.

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