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The most prominent of these are the indigenous peoples of the Cape, the Khoisan, who were the natives of South Africa before whites and Bantu Africans pushed in from the south and north respectively.

The Bushmen are the most famous Khoisan, though there are several other groups, and likely were many more before they were absorbed into the Coloured population.

In contrast both Cape Coloureds and African Americans are byproducts of much more recent admixture events, on the order of 200-300 years at most (generally less), and so manifest far more within population variance in ancestral quanta.

3) The magenta and blue ancestral populations combine to span almost all West Eurasian groups, what in older physical anthropology would be termed “Caucasoid.” The magenta is more Indian, while the blue is more non-Indian (European Middle Eastern).

Though genetically related to other Africans these populations have their own history, and some of the Cape Coloureds reflect the distinctive features of the Khoisan.

Additionally the Muslim Cape Malays attest to the presence of Asian slaves and settlers (the latter were exiles and political dissidents relocated by the Dutch).

In the United States anyone who manifests African ancestry is coded as “black.” Though hypodescent started out as a tool for maintaining white racial purity against colored taint, today it is accepted within black America as the social norm.

Below is a figure I generated by slicing and dicing a set of populations from another part of figure 6 which have particular relevance to illuminating the ancestry of the Cape Coloureds.

Points of significance: 1) Though only some African populations are shown, because African populations are so diverse vis-a-vis non-Africans they have more “colors,” that is, they span more of the K ancestral populations.

Non-Africans are to some extent simply subsets of Africans.

Some Middle Eastern groups seem to have recent African admixture.

The group which does not, the Druze of Lebanon, stopped intermarrying with outsiders ~1,000 years ago.

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