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As a dating coach, I’ve found the #1 reason you won’t have success with online dating is giving up too soon.

What you perceive as online rejection can exhaust you mentally and the positive attitude you started out with will quickly dwindle.

Here are 4 things to know to help you move forward in the online dating world with your self-esteem intact! All a guy knows about you is 20 sentences and a few mediocre pictures.

If they don’t “pick” you, take a deep breath and remember: There are 1000 reasons a guy won’t be interested and 999 of them have nothing to do with YOU.

It holds an untrue assumption that somehow the person asking "caused" the rejection to occur, or it has something specific to do with a deficit in him/her. Most of the causes for "rejection occurring" are outside of the requester's control and not personal.

For example, the individual asked may be declining the request because he/she already has a partner, isn't interested in dating, is in a bad mood, etc.

For example, when rejecting behavior occurs, individuals sometimes are led to believe and think, "I just got rejected. This already contains many distortions and inaccuracies. That is clearly their issues, which they are trying to push onto you, and you are not responsible for causing.But, compounded with harsh rejecting behavior from others, these self-thoughts may even include "I am a no-good, worthless person, etc.". However, do stay open to civil explanations and respectful feedback. This is where the phrase "I got rejected" is particularly troubling. The person saying no doesn't even know the essential "you". You have not downloaded your personal life history into them.The result is a very negative experience and perhaps a lasting poor self-image. So, try not to label yourself based on one superficial interaction (or many).In fact, that language is part of the reason why people experience such negative emotion with this topic.The term "getting rejected" (and the like) falsely puts the blame on the individual for the "rejection".

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