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The market capitalisation of all the companies on the S&P 500, the US’s main stock market index, on 20 January 2017 when Trump took office was .5 trillion.

On Wednesday its value was trillion, so a gain of .5 trillion.

In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, Donald Trump seemed to suggest that his administration has already wiped out all the government debt incurred by the US under the Obama presidency.

He said: "In eight years they [the Obama administration] borrowed more than it [the government] did in the whole history of our country. And yet we picked up trillion just in the stock market, possibly the whole thing in terms of the first nine months [of my presidency] in terms of values.

A stricter interpretation of US government borrowing would strip these intra-government liabilities out and limit it to public debt securities held by the public.

By this measure US government debt rose from .5 trillion in 2008 to trillion in 2016, an increase of .5 trillion.

'If he was mad at you for any reason, you'd be, like, "OK." If she was mad at you . Stepping down in 2014, she wanted to write a book about her time in the White House that was different than a lot of others.

It would be a 'legacy book' and act as more of a how-to-guide, helping people see 'that public service is not just for people that went to Harvard, [or] Yale'.

'I can only imagine,' the 41-year-old said in the interview.

'He said, 'Good for you'By his first year in office, Mostromonaco had already planned trips to 14 countries.

One of those involved a covert operation to Iraq that involved sneaking Obama out of Turkey to an airbase on the outskirts of Baghdad using a plane switch-up.

'He was definitely, like, he just kept holding up his Blackberry and being, like, 'I'm going to do it.

I'm going to do it."' And Obama would turn out to be right.

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