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Any driver licensed by a VMC member club will be allowed to enter a VRG event as a Visiting Driver.These drivers will be required to attend a DOP review and their on-track conduct will be observed and evaluated.Drivers who have held a club racing license from SCCA, BMW CCA, or PCA within the last two years will be granted Provisional driver status when joining VRG.Other club racing licenses may be accepted upon review by the Event Chairman, Chief Driving Instructor and the Chair of the Driver Qualification Committee.This category covers drivers who may have significant seat time on the track, but who have never raced wheel-to-wheel.These drivers are required to participate in an approved professional driving school, or at least one of our driving schools.

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Examples: SCCA B/Modified through H/Modified; A/SR through D/SR; FIA World Sports Car Championship, World GT Championship, World Championship of Makes; USRRC and early Can-Am cars on treaded tires.eligible under current Monoposto Classic rules, in production before 12/31/1972. In addition, Historic Formula Fords, Club Fords and later Formula Fords as recognized in Paragraph 2.3.8 of these Rules, and Formula Vee’s as recognized in Paragraph 2.3.9 of these Rules.Each VRG driver must be examined by a physician, and submit a standard race medical form (VRG, SCCA, or SVRA form). Drivers over age 40 are strongly recommended to have an EKG as part of the medical examination.Additional diagnostic testing, such as cardiac stress test or other appropriate test, is left to the discretion of the examining physician who will sign your medical form.When a driver has successfully completed one of these schools, they will be granted Provisional driver status.Novice drivers have neither significant track time nor training in performance driving, or have never participated in automobile road racing before.

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