Who is trevor blumas dating

Check out the raving fangirl in among: Q: "Is kieran richardson who plays ste in hollyoaks gay? I remember telling my little preteen self "there's no way Whitney's a lesbian, you just want her to be"."I remember reading on DL that Jim Mc Greevey was gay long before he made his "gay American" speech.

R66 - I don't remember rumors about Reeve at all - I think whatever was discussed came from that movie he made with Michael Caine where they played lovers.What's sad is that as soon he realized that he wouldn't achieve what he hoped or expected he got bitter and lets everybody know that he's bitter.In one way the honesty of being bitter is refreshing in an industry that is ruled by "it's an honor to even be nominated". Everyone could see from space that he was a big queen, but he got away with it because he was married for 20 some years.But at one point you have to shrug it off and focus on the better things of life and go on with it (reinvent yourself, start something new, become pro-active) instead of remaining bitter and becoming that "stay off my lawn! He frequently mentioned his wife at the beginning of his act - which I think was to prove his heterosexuality.It was pathetic - and pathetic that he waited so long - everyone knew.[quote][R27], how could everyone have known when she herself said she didn't realize it until just a few years ago?

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